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September 29, 2014
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December 18, 2014

What Women Can Learn From Beirut

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Women should be dangerous, unpredictable and forever young just like Beirut. The Lebanese capital was once the lighthouse of this Middle East when its rival cities were drowning in the Arabian dark ages. On the verge of civil explosion, Beirut today is one of the most notorious cities in the region yet it appeals to many due to its unique everlasting youth.

Men are nothing but little kids in grownups figures. Just like children, they yearn for assurance and validation. Luckily, intelligent women assure their unsettled men like a sounding board, just like Beirut confidently calms the violent Mediterranean. This deceitful sea that brought invaders and enemies is embraced by the pride and wisdom of Beirut.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is seductively wise. Beautiful Women are mature but elegant just like the aging buildings of AUB[1]

. For decades Beirut was the fountain of knowledge for the pioneering Arabs. Equally, women can be the spring of wisdom from which men will happily learn. They can be mentally stimulating and thought provoking like a late night chat in a cheap bar in Hamra[2].

Controversially complementing attributes of humans are captivatingly intriguing. Similarly, a woman can be kind and assuring like the morning sunshine in Beirut, while she can be stubborn and rebellious just like city fought for its freedom.

With more than 5000 years of wisdom and splendor, Beirut is the ultimate mentor of grace, beauty and intelligence which made her the bride of the Mediterranean.


[1] AUB is the American University of Beirut

[2] Hamra is a main street in Beirut resembling the dynamo for students, activists and cultural enthusiasts.

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