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September 15, 2014
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October 4, 2014

The Right to Return to The Land of Sad Oranges

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For generations and centuries Arabs ruled Spain building an empire that lasted as if it will exist forever. Old cities underwent an extreme makeover where the minarets of the mosques sprang in the sunny skies of Andalusia. New cities were built and named after the new residents coming all the way from the deserts. The Spanish culture in the new territory of the Umayad Califate evolved to the extent that the European heritage in Hispania seemed insignificant. Even demography was mutated and the Arabic influence was evident in every aspect of life for the Spaniards. Did that make the national citizens of Cordoba mistakenly believe they were destined to live under the Árab’s reign forever? Probably some did, but definitely others knew the truth.

Few centuries later, the Arabs themselves lived for 400 years under the same painful experience under the Ottoman Empire. The alien Turkish traditions, values and even simple forms of being appeared to be ever lasting. In various Arab States, many self-proclaimed leaders of that era promoted the notion of acceptance of the status quo. Others acknowledged that Arabs were helpless and their weakness resulted in the popularity of the belief that the Ottomans are there to stay.

Today and after only 66 years of the establishment of the Israeli apartheid state in the heart of our land, the same story goes on once again. Palestine is experiencing the latest forms of imperial colonisation. The original population of Palestine are struggling to maintain their mere existence in their own land of Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus and many other cities that are scattered between the Mediterranean and River Jordan. At the same time and like any other occupied nation, a sizeable portion of the uneducated masses forgot that the natives’ right of existence is stronger than all the conspiracies of the invader. Many even confused what is temporary and what is eternal. That is why many Arabs nowadays do not appreciate the power of the stubborn will of old Palestinian grandmothers who hold tight to the keys of their houses in Jaffa, Haifa, Acre and Jericho. Many forgot the beauty of olive trees in Bisan, Tulkarem and Nazareth. Moreover and like in other periods of national moral decline, some Arab leaders assume a position of authority to compromise the unquestionable Right Of Return to Ramle, Safad and Deir Yassin…

However and as I write these words, the new generations are receiving the torch and vowing to continue the struggle and fight for the freedom of the innocent and righteous heirs of The Land of Sad Oranges.

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