The Dilemma Of Innocent Civilians

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October 12, 2015
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October 24, 2015

The Dilemma Of Innocent Civilians

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In the photo Marilyn Monroe is performing to entertain the American troops so they can resume their massacres during one of their many wars around the world. To the people of the invaded country, it was hard to see Monroe as an innocent civilian. They could only see her as an active member of the American war machine just like the marines themselves. Hence targeting her was justified – at least from their point of view.

Now fast forward to 2015 and zoom in your map to Palestine. Close your eyes and think of a bus filled with Israeli civilians taking their daily trip from Haifa to Acre by beachside of the Mediterranean. In the backseat you might see an almost retired chemical engineer whose company funds the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) research. The bus driver himself is an old Russian migrant and a proud father of a fighter jet pilot who was awarded for her achievements during the war on Gaza last summer. Near the front door stands a cook of a restaurant that prepares meals for the soldiers’ who broke the arms of a 14 year old Palestinian schoolboy during a recent protest. The kid was hopelessly trying to stop the uprooting of century old olive trees in a small village not too far from Nablus called Wadi Qana. As you open your eyes think of all their contribution to the daily misery of the Palestinians.

With that reflection, try as hard as you can to understand why it is impossible for us to accept that they are “innocent civilians”.

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